The proposition is sometimes put forth in neopagan movements that the concept of "linear time" is a non-pagan philosophy, introduced by Islam and/or Christianity.  I aver that this is not so.

In Time, Science, and Society in China and the West, Dennis Corish notes:

"…it should be remarked that in the Parmenides of Plato we find, to mention the topics almost at random, some account of time flow, of linear time, of static temporal relationships (of the earlier-later variety), of dynamically changing temporal relationships (of the past-present-future variety), and of the instant. It is clear, as F. M. Cornford remarks, that Aristotle's account of time in the Physics owes much to Plato's account in the Parmenides."1


1Denis Corish, "The Emergence of Time: a Study in the Origins of Western Thought," Time, Science, and Society in China and the West , eds. J. T. Fraser, N. Lawrence and F. C. Haber (Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 1986) 77.